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Do you dream of home ownership?

  • Do I have a steady source of income?
  • Have I been employed on a regular basis for the past 2 years or more?
  • Do I have a good record of paying bills?
  • Do I have few outstanding long-term debts?
  • Do I have the ability to pay a mortgage every month, plus my living expenses?

If you can answer yes to the above questions then I’m ready to help you make home ownership a reality.


Buying that first home can be an emotional experience and unlike what some people believe, you don’t need a hefty down payment in order to achieve the American Dream. In some cases you can purchase your first home with as little as $1,000 down.*

My Commitment to You

My licensed duty is to help you along in the path to home ownership. As a real estate agent I do not make the loans, and therefore, I can’t make a commitment to you that I will get a loan on a home for you.

What I can do however and with my trusted network of mortgage lenders and governmental agencies… we combined can help you find a way to own a home. And since I’m a licensed real estate agent I will be your advocate to making sure you’re protected throughout the process.

If you understand my simple commitment and what’s in it for me I am more than willing at anytime to explain the process and get to know you and your situation a little better and help you achieve owning a home here in Pueblo.

The Process

Do Any of These Questions Come to Mind

  • How Much Home Can I Buy
  • Do I Make Enough Money
  • What if I’m on a Fixed Income
  • What Kind of Employment History Do I Need and Does It Matter
  • Am I Ready to Buy a Home
  • What Else is There Besides the Mortgage Payments
  • My Situation Is This __________________ (and you fill in the blanks).

I can answer these and any other questions you may have about getting started.

Steps Involved in Purchasing a Home

  • Looking at Homes
  • Getting Pre-Qualified for a Loan
  • Making an Offer on a Home
  • Inspections, Title Work, Insurance
  • Closing on Your New Home

Making a commitment to owning a home comes with many questions and financial obligations. I’ll explain the money needed for things like inspections and appraisals and how the entire process works so you begin to believe that your fully informed and making a sound decision on your future.

Go ahead and take some time and contact me. I get excited helping families and individuals on their path to home ownership.

No Cost, No Obligation to You.

Download my FREE 69 Questions and Answers About Buying a Home


* Please read this page about $1000 down payment opportunities and other government sponsored programs.

Give me a call or text me anytime at 719-553-7426 or simply fill out the information below and I’ll give you a call.


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